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3D Manufacturing

The keynote speaker was Dr. Mark J. Cotteleer, an industry thought leader with widely published, award-winning research. No matter your industry interest, 3D manufacturing has the potential to be a game-changing revolution. Just a few examples:

  • Retail/CPG – Tired of consuming mass-produced products? 3D manufacturing promises to lower the costs of custom products to the same as those with massive production runs. Welcome to the age of mass-customization.
  • Healthcare – Mike Tyson bite off your ear? Don’t worry, we’ll make you a new one—using your own skin cells—in a matter of minutes.
  • Manufacturing – Want that super-cool prototype in hours instead of months? No problem, it will be done by lunch.
  • Supply Chain – Just-In-Time inventory? What inventory? On-demand production is here.

3D Manufacturing
April 30 2014 : Jon Medved on the Hot Start-up Environment in Israel
Jon Medved, CEO of the global leading equity-based, crowdfunding company OurCrowd, spoke about the Startup Nation: Israel's Hot Start-up Tech Sectors and Lessons from 30 Years of Investing in Israel.

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