On June 1 – 3, 2009, the KIN convened a group of 200 delegates from around the world for open collaboration and action on how to innovate to increase global prosperity. The 2009 KIN Global Summit is an unprecedented occasion and arrives at a time when Kellogg, in its centennial year, looks to reframe the role of a business school as a forum for thought leaders and practitioners to shape our world.

We invite you to learn about the KIN and the 2009 KIN Global Summit.

Director’s Bio

Robert C. Wolcott, Ph.D. + download

Fact Sheet

About the KIN Global Summit Fact Sheet + download

Press Releases

KIN Global Partners with (RED) to Foster Global Prosperity + download
KIN Announces KIN Global 2009 + download

KIN in the News

$50,000 Pledge to Youth Action International

The Liberian Connection – June 10, 2009

KIN Global 2009 delegates pledge $50,000 to help Youth Action International create a program that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in Liberia.

Better Innovation through Connecting Marketing and R&D

Wall Street Journal – June 22, 2009

KIN Executive Director, Robert C. Wolcott, world-renowned marketing professor Phil Kotler and strategy expert Suj Chandrasekhar share insights into enhancing the relationship between R&D and Marketing to optimize innovation success. +Watch the video

(RED) Attends KIN Global 2009

Join Red Blog – June 10, 2009

This blog entry by Susan Smith-Ellis, CEO of (RED) describes her experience at KIN Global 2009.
May 17-19, 2010

Press Photos

KIN Global Summit 2010: Building Global Prosperity—Innovation & Action    + Link to Photos
June 1-3, 2009

Press Photos

KIN Global Summit 2009: Building Global Prosperity—Innovation & Action    + Link to Photos
November 6 – 7, 2007

Press Photos

KIN Fall Dialogue 2007: Leadership, Innovation and the Global Firm  
+ download

June 18 – 19, 2007

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KIN Summit 2007: Lost in Transition—Innovating for Market Success  + download


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