KIN Expedition-Brazil

A joint program of the Kellogg Innovation Network and Fundação Dom Cabral of Brazil, the leading Brazilian executive development center

The Case for innovation and collaboration in the mining industry has never been more compelling.

Since 2006, mining has experienced the largest super cycle since World War II. Although the industry is producing record profits, it needs to discover how to create and secure sustainable, maximum long-term value.

Inside the mine, sustainable success requires innovative transformations in fundamental operating systems, including:

KIN Expedition-Brazil highlight
  • rapid and accurate characterization of ore bodies
  • faster development of mines
  • increased speed of extraction
  • improved recovery rates and planning
  • increased use of automation and remote operations
  • improved energy and environmental footprint.
Outside the mine, traditional models for securing and maintaining the rights to reserves are being challenged by a combination of intense competition from powerful national-interests and increasing uncertainty in host countries worldwide. To compete with these emerging forces, mining executives need to develop business collaborations and stakeholder engagement models that can deliver sustainable prosperity for the mine, the host country, and local communities and minimize project risks.

The KIN Expedition-Brazil will bring together top, global mining executives, thought-leaders and researchers for an unprecedented, collaborative, and fully immersive exploration to map the challenges and unearth the innovations that will give mining companies the power to increase their speed of innovation and embark on a new era of industry collaboration.

The goal of the KIN Expedition-Brazil is to act as a catalyst for the industry to embark on a new level of collaborative innovation to address the key challenges facing the industry.

The KIN Expedition-Brazil will deliver:

  • A priority list of challenges and opportunities for industry collaboration
  • New partnerships formed to champion innovations
  • A detailed, confidential Program synopsis published exclusively for attendees
  • A collective communiqué for public release approved by the Expedition members

Session and panel topics include:

  • The priority challenges facing the mining industry and opportunities for innovation.
  • How open innovation and collaboration has delivered significant innovations in the oil and gas and aerospace industries
  • Operating platforms of the future
  • Business models of the future
  • A visit to Anglo Gold Ashanti’s (AGA) mine. AGA Brazil’s CEO, Helcio Guerra will host the visit.
  • *An optional tour on April 20th of Samarco. Samarco was voted the best mining company in Brazil in 2010 by Exame business magazine. Samarco’s CEO will host the visit.

How to Register:

Space is limited. Recommended attendees include, C-level executives and senior innovation leaders of global and emerging corporations in the resources ecosystem. Limit 2 executives per company.

We welcome participants who enjoy actively contributing to knowledge creation in collaborative sessions.

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The KIN proudly thanks these KIN Expedition–Brazil Corporate Partners for their commitment to collaboration and market transformation.