KIN Global seeks to identify what prosperity means within various regions and contexts and how we work together to achieve it. We think and act in terms of three interrelated types of prosperity: Economic, Environmental and Community. The specific focus areas addressed by KIN Global are determined based upon issues individual member organizations submit.

These topics are at the center of KIN Global 2014:

  • Transforming Corporations, Transforming the World
  • Education for the 21st Century
  • The Human Element: Creativity, Entertainment & Change
  • Scaling Ventures within Large Corporations
  • Achieving Scale in Resource Constrained Environments
  • Asia, Operating in a Context of Rapid Change
  • Science: Changing what it Means to be Human
Each day at a KIN Summit is different. KIN Global strives to customize the right format for addressing the unique topics of each event. In lieu of the traditional panel format, every KIN delegate participates. Delegate numbers are purposely capped to allow for lively small group work sessions. Kellogg faculty members facilitate. Everyone contributes.

A sample of KIN Summit Sessions:

Macro-Trend Breakout Sessions

All KIN participants break into small work groups to address one of the topics of the summit. Delegates identify implications and opportunities of key macro-trends and share strategies for engaging senior leadership, collaborating with colleagues and motivating teams in increasingly complex, geographically and functionally distributed environments.

KIN Challenge

The KIN Challenge is designed to provide the opportunity for companies and governments to engage Kellogg students in exploring solutions to tackle big strategic issues. Three high-profile participants from KIN have been selected to work with student teams during the Spring Quarter and present their recommendations on the mainstage at KIN Global.

Mission Match

A platform for collaboration, KIN Global encourages delegates to bring their missions to the summit. During the first day, groups of five delegates will be given five minutes each, helping make connections with people who can move forward each delegate’s goals.

Toolset Presentations

Kellogg Faculty led delegates on an exploration of a number of developments within the practice of innovation at global organizations. The entire group is engaged in a dialogue regarding how new innovation models can be used to assess and build innovation infrastructure within a complex enterprise.

Executive Perspectives

Employing executive perspectives, we take the opportunity to focus on one corporation¹s path to innovation and sustainability. Delegates take away from the talk both practices and insights that can apply to any organization.

Synthesis Sessions

Incorporating the learnings from the day, KIN colleagues explore and translate. Delegates’ output answers the question on behalf of their respective companies: How can we apply what we¹ve heard today?