Since its inception, KIN has held dialogues and summits at corporate headquarters, research labs and education centers across the United
States – wherever innovation is incubating.

A mobile forum has allowed KIN members first hand access to some of the premiere innovation centers in the world. Past events have been held at the following locations

Tribeca Flashpoint Academy & 1871

Chicago, IL
Dancing with the Start-Ups
Fall 2012 Dialogue
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KIN Catalyst: Brazil

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
The Mining Company of the Future
Opportunities, Challenges & Responsibilities
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Panama Canal, Copa Airlines, Banco General

Panama City, Panama
Innovation and Globalization, the View from Central America
Winter 2012 Dialogue
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Harrah’s Entertainment

Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada
Customer Experience Innovation: B2C, B2B and Beyond
Winter 2010 Dialogue
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U.S. Southern Command Military Headquarters

Federal Reserve Bank of Miami - Miami, Florida
Innovating Through Times of Trouble and Plenty: Strategies for Ensuring your Company’s Future
Winter 2009 Dialogue

Herman Miller

Headquarters - Holland, Michigan
Optimizing the Marketing and R&D Relationship for Innovation Success
Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) Summit
Fall 2008 Dialogue
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Executive Briefing Center - San Jose, California
The Future of Technology…So What?
Turning Emerging Technologies into Long-Term Growth
Winter 2008 Dialogue
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Almaden Research Center - San Jose, California
Horizons of Open Innovation
Winter 2007 Dialogue


Headquarters - Wayzata, Minnesota
Making Corporate Entrepreneurship Happen: How corporate entrepreneurs motivate change and succeed in the marketplace
Summer 2006 Dialogue


Headquarters - Memphis, Tennessee
Customer Insights, Needs and Commercialization: Understanding what customers want and getting it to them.
Spring 2005 Dialogue


Headquarters - Wilmington, Delaware
Organic Growth at Leading Companies
Fall 2004 Dialogue


Headquarters - San Jose, California
Beyond Products: Expanding the Firm’s Innovation Vision & Commitment
Spring 2004 Dialogue
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KIN also holds at least one event per year on the main Kellogg campus to take advantage of the academic expertise of Kellogg professors.

KIN Global 2015

Growth for Good
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KIN Global 2014

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KIN Expedition: Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel
The Startup Nation
February 2014
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KIN Prize

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KIN Global 2013

Ten Year Anniversary
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KIN Global 2012

Where to Next?
Building prosperity through innovation
Country focus: Indonesia
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GE Macrotrend Sessions
+ Global Mobile
+ Emerging Middle Class
+ Design Ascends
+ Aging

KIN Global 2011

Building Global Prosperity: Leadership, Networks & Innovation
Exploring how innovation creates prosperity.
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KIN Global 2010

Building Global Prosperity – Innovation + Action
Gathering to build a road toward broader prosperity.
Country focus: Turkey
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KIN Fall Dialogue 2009

Managing Through Uncertainty. Mastering New Realities
Creating sound business strategy in an increasingly unpredictable world.
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KIN Global 2009

Building Global Prosperity – Innovation + Action
A more meaningful definition of prosperity and solutions for fostering it.
Country focus: Colombia
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KIN Summit 2007

Lost in Transition: Innovating for Marketplaces Success
Find answers to the transition and scaling challenge when getting new products and services to market.
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KIN Fall Dialogue 2007

Leadership, Innovation & the Global Firm: Everyone's role for success
Explore the role of leadership at all levels of an enterprise in building a culture of innovation.
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KIN 2006 Summit

Making Innovation Happen: Exploring challenges and sharing solutions

KIN 2005 Summit

Open Innovation & the Growth Challenge: Leveraging external resources to drive growth

KIN 2004 Summit

Contexts & Competitive Advantage: Innovation leadership as conditions change

KIN Winter 2004 Dialogue

Corporate Entrepreneurship Working Session

KIN 2003 Inaugural Summit

Catching the Next Wave: Driving Innovation for Sustainable Growth