At Kellogg, we endeavor to think, and act, bravely. In so doing, we constantly innovate—for the benefit of our students, alumni, corporate partners and organizations the world over.

A true community of innovators, the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) reflects this approach to education. Centered on translating key insights across a collaborative network, the KIN drives business innovation by convening conversations that matter in the 21st century.

The KIN is a catalyst that brings the best innovators together to share their ideas in a vibrant setting that connects business people and intellectuals from around the world. Events range from guest and faculty lectures to practical breakout sessions to evening events that connect business to the arts, always broadening the spectrum of what’s possible. Kellogg created this forum to drive business innovation for social betterment.

I invite you to learn more about our unique approach at Kellogg—I invite you to join our conversation.

Sally Blount ‘92
Kellogg School of Management
New centuries are time to celebrate the past and create the future. As we embark on our second hundred years at the Kellogg School of Management, we are building upon an illustrious past to engage with people from all over the world seeking to make the world a better place. People endeavoring to build profitable businesses, satisfy human needs, inspire and enable others to lift themselves, their organizations and communities to sustainable prosperity.

The Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) Global Summit is a critical part of this larger vision. It is with great humility and thanks that we welcome leaders from across the world community to join us in understanding what “prosperity” means in various contexts and how we can all work together to achieve it. We at Kellogg will be interested to learn from our KIN friends and partners what roles we can play as a global business school in helping humanity achieve its potential.

Since becoming dean of the Kellogg School of Management, I have emphasized the importance of moving beyond a limited definition of success to the more enlightened imperative of significance. At Kellogg, we are developing the next generation of leaders who will lay the groundwork for a sounder economic and political reality— one based on building competitive businesses and effective institutions through innovation, leadership and good governance. Our MBAs are not only instilled with a global perspective, but also the ability to address the social and environmental costs and benefits of our actions.

KIN Global is a natural extension of Kellogg’s longstanding commitment to leadership and teamwork, creating a nexus for collaboration and innovation. The KIN Global platform allows our students and faculty to engage critical challenges in new ways, while expanding the Kellogg Community to people with unique skills, talents and passions the world over. I offer my sincere thanks and encouragement to all of our students, faculty, alumni, friends and sponsors who are making KIN Global a meaningful part of the Kellogg School’s second hundred years.

I invite you to join us as we navigate toward a more stable, peaceful and prosperous world.

Dipak C. Jain
Dean Emeritus
Kellogg School of Management