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Video Series: The Innovation Paradox
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KIN Global 2013 Healthcare forum
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KIN Prize
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Kellogg Innovation Network
Change @ Scale
At KIN Global 2014 we revealed our new initiative, Change@Scale. It’s one thing to implement a pilot. It’s another to scale. How can we tackle challenges facing humanity worldwide? What happens when we go from a few customers to a few thousand?
Or millions? What about when the right solution is to customize or decentralize
instead? Throughout the year and in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia, we will
be tackling these questions in a big way, providing a neutral but active platform for collaboration, thought leadership, pilot programs, teaching cases and much more.

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Jeff Semenchuk

Chief Innovation Officer
Hyatt Corporation

Jeff Semenchuk
John Hickenlooper

State of Colorado

John Hickenlooper
Ann Hand

Project Frog

Ann Hand
Fabio Gandour MD

Chief Scientist
IBM Research Brazil

Fabio Gandour MD
Lt.Gen.Bradley Heithold

Vice Commander
US Special Operations

Bradley Heithold
Esther Dyson

Serial Entrepreneur

Esther Dyson
The Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) is community of innovation and growth leaders from around the world. The KIN accelerates innovation dialogue and action by convening delegates from academia, government, non-profits, and a wide range of industries to explore concepts related to building global prosperity. It is part of a larger vision to provide an independent platform for people to collaborate and address humanity’s most meaningful challenges. Founded in 2003, the KIN facilitates strategy and management dialogue to promote innovation led growth and build long-term value.

KIN Partner Israel Dealmaker's Summit

Join us in NYC March 4-5, 2014 to explore the Israeli technology ecosystem.
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KIN Expedition: Israel

March 23-27, 2014 KIN will host a delegation to Israel to see their entrepreneurial miracle first hand.
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